get free marketing, e-contracts & risks managed all in one place.

PlanetRent loves agents, so much, that we give you FREE marketing on PlanetRent and exposure to more landlords. Of course all deals are paperless, take offers, send out e-contracts and carry out referencing, all while on-the-go. A Nudge button will help push deals through and everything is tracked on the built-in audit trail.

The compliance dashboard allows you to manage risk from one place, ensuring that you have all the correct documentation in place, and that it's up to date. Once your deal has been completed, you can export to your own accounting system for rent collection or have us collect on your behalf via direct debit.

FREE advertising on PlanetRent. Pay-as-you-go to feed your properties through to Zoopla and Rightmove. Store photos, plans and EPC's in the cloud, making portal advertising quick and easy.

Independent agents your own customised website for £10pm – the auto-feed option will publish your properties to your site when a tenancy is about to end. Successful viewing? get tenants to make their offer directly on your website which feeds straight into the deals tracker......

Our FREE Compliance dashboard helps you keep on top of critical property, tenancy and marketing documentation. Alerting you if anything is missing or expiring soon. Everything up to date, and in one place helps you save time and money.

Our FREE deals tracker uses a simple traffic light system to NUDGE deals through. Offers can be made on the app, from your agent website & by tenants you have invited to PlanetRent. Trigger referencing & e-contracts. Work through the move-in process and deliver a professional welcome experience to your tenants.

E-contracts for £20 pay-as-you-go. Use our default contract or upload your own for e-signing. Need different contracts for different properties, e.g., tenancy for flats and licences for rooms? No problem - the system allows you to preset a default contract type for each property.

Landlord Visibility -make it easy for landlords to find your business, instruct you, and find tenants or manage their properties. No more waiting for photos, floor plans or EPC's they're already loaded onto the PlanetRent App.

Direct debit rent collection allows you to streamline the collection process and minimise arrears. We can collect rent from individual tenants and recover bounced payments automatically. Collection by direct debit puts you in control and costs 1.8% (1.5% + VAT) of the rent.

Your FREE tenant portal Invite tenants to referencing, allow them to make payments by card or bank transfer using a simple link. Throughout the tenancy, tenants can login to upload photos of repair issues, as well as track & rate existing repairs. They can also access related tenancy documents such as; contracts, inventories, meter details & service targets.

FREE repairs module. You & your tenants can photo log/track repairs in real-time. Manage your contractors and know for example if they do not ACCEPT a job within 2 hours. Input your own contractor target response times to manage service levels. Job well done? Then send 4*/5* ratings to a dedicated facebook page. Allocate preferred contractors to each property.

Reporting -Feel secure with our legal compliance report. Know exactly what has been sent, when and to whom. Use the compliance dashboard to keep your documentation up to date. A single tick in App Setup, will auto send the five documents you must legally provide to tenants - thereby avoiding potential fines for incomplete paperwork (some in excess of £20,000).

Protecting you. The app has a powerful built in rent calculator, taking the guess work out of knowing when you need a guarantor - they are automatically added to the referencing application if necessary. You are guided through the right to rent verification process. Comprehensive Move-in checks ensure that nothing gets forgotten, right down to photographing the keys.

Card payments & bank transfers are built into the app making the collection of deposit and move in monies simple and secure.

Referencing - You can use your existing VeriCheck account, or if you don't have one we offer £20 pay-as-you-go referencing. You can also carry out your own manual referencing. Either way you can click to invite tenants to the tenant portal to input their details.

DIY inventories are easy with our Quick Inventory App. If you prefer to use an Inventory Clerk we have partnered with Evolve who also use Quick Inventory and offer a national service. Either way your meter readings will auto feed into the PlanetRent's move in checklist.

Viewings solved.We have partnered with Viewber for national coverage. Carry out block viewings from £75 per hour or £35 for single viewings. So if you don't want to do viewings yourself, or have multiple properties in different locations, then just tick become a Viewber member in the App set up and you can book individual or block viewings.


We are a consumer champion and believe that everyone can be a professional landlord, so we only charge for what costs us money: e-contracts, adverts, references & landlord websites.

No, we promise not to charge you except when you use something. It is all pay-as-you-go.

Upload the following documents to the PlanetRent cloud and we will remind you when they need renewing and send them out at the right time to tenants protecting you from:

  1. A fine of up to 3 x the deposit for not registering it 1
  2. £350 fine for not sending tenants the EPC 2
  3. Unlimited fine for not providing tenants with a copy of the Gas Safe Certificate 3
  4. £5,000/£20,000 for not renewing an HMO Licence and sending an HMO statement to tenants1
  5. A fine of up to £3,000 per tenant if a tenant does not pass the right to rent checks 4
  6. Being unable to serve a valid S21 Notice 5 because you have not sent the tenants:
      1. The Government ‘How to Rent’ booklet as required by the Deregulation Act 2015
      2. The EPC
      3. The Gas Safe certificate
    1. not registered the deposit
    2. not provided prescribed tenancy information
    3. not registered a property that is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) as an HMO
    4. cant prove that you dealt with any repairs request adequately
    5. Deposit scheme leaflet
  1. Housing Action 2004
  2. The Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2012 (England and Wales)
  3. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998
  4. Immigration Act 2014
  5. Deregulation Act 2015