is for risk savvy Asset managers.

PlanetRent is the go to place for institutional landlords who want to deliver a transparent, quality controlled, experience led offering.

PlanetRent provides a range of solutions including: marketing, deals and compliance management with portals for tenants and contractors built in. Now you can manage your properties from your phone.

PlanetRent provides a range of solutions including: marketing, deals and lifestyle management.

PlanetRent takes care of GDPR consents for you. To build your reputation a social ratings and site staff performance monitoring are built in. Because you are busy, reporting is automated and sent to you. So if you use an Agent or Operator you will always be 'in the know'.

Most importantly, PlanetRent puts you in control. If you use an agent, it is free to invite them to transact through PlanetRent, they get to use your compliance docs and your marketing assets, and you get full visibility of offers, deals, repairs and compliance. Because, you own the data, should you want to change agent, you simply uninvite them, and, then invite another. Handover is in your control, at the touch of a button. Should you use several introducers to fill buildings fast, agents will see other agents offers to bid rents up, and, you can be sure that 'special requests' will get logged and tracked. All your tenants will receive your bespoke lettings journey, every time.

That said, PlanetRent is 100% Agent friendly, and, free for Agents to use. They just add their Zoopla, Right Move and Deposit membership numbers, and, we feed your marketing collateral to them to advertise using their brand. Also, you can delegate acceptance of offers and references to them if you like.

PlanetRent turns your site staff into agents. They can log offers when doing viewings. Using artificial and predictive decision making we have de-skilled the lettings to a NUDGE button to chase deals, a tracker to know availability, and deals progress. One touch generates pre-mapped contracts, and they can work through the move-in steps and 'right to rent' checks, log and photograph keys handed over, ....then press 1 button to deliver your bespoke professional welcome to every tenant, every time, all drip fed over the 1st month.

Oh, and we can migrate all your data in a matter of hours. Yes, we will work with your professional team to migrate thousands of photos, floor plans, EPCs, HMO licences, Gas Safe Certificates, appliance and smoke detector make, model and manuals, meter serial numbers, and more......

Free to all is

  • lettings compliance
  • rent calculator
  • guarantor trigger
  • deals tracker
  • portals for tenants, landlords and contractors
  • tools to delegate responsibility to any agents you may use
  • marketing to PlanetRent and Facebook
  • response targets
  • repairs: 2 hour pickup, appointments, notifications, tracking, ratings
  • new build defects reporting & tracking
  • deposit free renting
  • utilities and council tax management
  • 150 templated emails
  • superb audit trail
  • live docs cloud data storage
  • basic reporting - automated and sent to you weekly

Pay as you go for

  • bulk data migration (or use our free front end tools)
  • e-signed contracts
  • marketing to the major portals
  • landlord and development specific websites (with automated marketing, book viewing and make offer tools)
  • inventories: national service or use our app
  • viewings: national service
  • referencing
  • rent collection
  • long term storage of archived docs
  • bespoke reporting:
    • tenancy spike graphs to plan move-in, move-out resourcing
    • apartment rent performance by type, aspect, floor level etc...
    • voids days & rental losses
    • rental growth
  • bespoke APIs

Subscribe for

  • a native building app that can monetise and ration your amenities as well as deal with everything else from post room to apartment cleans to site staff inspections and HR.
The app comes with 6 ways to get the most out of what your building has to offer
  • book : amenities
  • rent : car parking or stores
  • buy : midnight snacks using our stock control module
  • use : capacity related services such as cleaning
  • connect : to 3rd party services
  • share : information such as wi-fi instructions and bedside handbooks

Because it is people that make a community the app comes with over 200 pre-made marketing flyers to get the party started. All you need do is choose a flyer and add the date and time or special offer. Those we have already made include

  • events : e.g., summer BBQ
  • taster sessions : e.g., complimentary cinema tickets
  • special offers : half price golf simulator sessions
  • neighbour to neighbour services : e.g., spanish tuition

The front desk dashboard shows bookings and availability of each facility and staff can block a facility for a community wide event to prevent booking clashes.

It is simple enough to make any concierge a marketeer. Alternatively, you could centralise marketing and perhaps introduce a national travelling events compare, or handover community building tools to community reps.

Ratings systems and reporting are built in, as well as tools to manage site staff performance.


  1. A fine of up to 3 x the deposit for not registering it 1
  2. £350 fine for not sending tenants the EPC 2
  3. Unlimited fine for not providing tenants with a copy of the Gas Safe Certificate 3
  4. £5,000/£20,000 for not renewing an HMO Licence and sending an HMO statement to tenants1
  5. A fine of up to £3,000 per tenant if a tenant does not pass the right to rent checks 4
  6. Being unable to serve a valid S21 Notice 5 because you have not sent the tenants:
      1. The Government ‘How to Rent’ booklet as required by the Deregulation Act 2015
      2. The EPC
      3. The Gas Safe certificate
    1. Tenancy deposit certificate
    2. Prescribed tenancy information
    3. If required, confirmation that a property has been registered as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) with the local authority
    4. Can't prove that you dealt with any repairs request adequately
    5. Deposit scheme leaflet
  1. Housing Action 2004
  2. The Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2012 (England and Wales)
  3. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998
  4. Immigration Act 2014
  5. Deregulation Act 2015