Lettings sorted…

PlanetRent is the go to place for landlords who want to deliver a transparent, quality controlled, experience led offering.

PlanetRent provides a range of solutions including: marketing, deals and compliance management with portals for tenants and contractors built in. Now you can manage your properties from your phone.

Most importantly, PlanetRent puts you in control. It is free to use, and is designed so you can do-it-yourself or delegate to helpers or agent. Either way, you get complete transparency on your phone.

PlanetRent is also for landlords who use an Agent…… simply invite them to PlanetRent, get them to upload your compliance docs, photos etc… watch deals, repairs and compliance, and give your tenants get their own portal and a professional welcome, every time.

PlanetRent is Agent friendly, free for them to use, they just input their portal membership number to feed your properties to the major portals. If ever you need to change agent, you simply invite your new agent and handover in seconds at the touch of a button.

A native app in your resident's hand

Risk Management

Risk Managed

This helps you keep on top of critical property, tenancy and marketing documentation. Alerting you if anything is missing or expiring soon. Having everything up to date, and in one place helps you save time and money and drives the tenant welcome experience sending everything when you need to.



A simple system to nudge deals through. Offers can be made from your landlord website & by Agents you have invited to PlanetRent. Trigger referencing & e-contracts. Work through the move-in process and deliver a professional welcome experience.



You can advertise your property for free with 5 different portals available to you. Don't have a Zoopla or Rightmove account? Don't worry, pay-as-you-go allows you to advertise. You can even have your own landlord website and advertise on PlanetRent and Facebook for free.



The dashboard is a place where you can access your reports, log and manage your repairs/maintenance and find your app set up page. You can advertise to portals and set up your own landlord's website. Use an agent? No problem, you can invite an agent to manage your property for you and much more&helip;

Free to all is

  • lettings compliance
  • rent calculator
  • guarantor trigger
  • deals tracker
  • portals for tenants, landlords and contractors
  • tools to delegate responsibility to any agents you may use
  • marketing to PlanetRent and Facebook
  • response targets
  • repairs: 2 hour pickup, appointments, notifications, tracking, ratings
  • new build defects reporting & tracking
  • deposit free renting
  • utilities and council tax management
  • 150 template emails
  • superb audit trail
  • live docs cloud data storage
  • basic reporting - automated and sent to you weekly

Pay as you go for

  • bulk data migration (or use our free front end tools)
  • e-signed contracts
  • marketing to the major portals
  • landlord and development specific websites (with automated marketing, book viewing and make offer tools)
  • inventories: national service or use our app
  • viewings: national service
  • referencing
  • rent collection
  • long term storage of archived docs

What landlords say about us

  • Ali Kariminik

    I hadn’t really thought through what it is like to be a tenant moving into a property and how much I ought to tell them. I ticked to auto send everyting and Planet Rent ensures my tenants receive everything they should. So easy.

    Ali Kariminik

  • Shoana Harris

    I never had access to proper marketing before. Now I do thanks to Planet Rent

    Shoana Harris

  • Peter Bowring

    I have properties in London and Manchester, before each Letting Agent did things their own way, now I’ve invited them to Planet Rent my life is easier. I get emailed all offers the easy-to-use traffic light system helps me track everything.

    Peter Bowring

  • Milena Merchan

    I have someone who helps out showing properties, organising repairs - I would never have trusted them to run the whole lettings process before. But now I’ve set them up on Planet Rent I can trust them to run the lettings process as I set the contractors to be used on each property so they can’t mess up. When finding new tenants and getting them signed up the tracker just tells me what needs doing next

    Milena Merchan

  • Debbie Pope

    before Planet Rent I was unable to take card payments - now I can and I never knew how much compliance I was missing. Now I feel safe knowing that the right things are disclosed at the right time.

    Debbie Pope