Who are Corby's Famous Inhabitants?

Written by: Rob Pratt 31/01/2024
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Celebrities Among Us: The Celebrities Who Live in Corby

In the middle of Northamptonshire, where daily life feels calm and friendly, Corby is a town that has quietly been home to various well known people. Corby has a history with celebrities who like being part of its warm community.

Lewis Hamilton and Mark Noble

In the world of Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton needs no introduction. The seven-time World Champion and racing icon spent much of his childhood living in Corby. Long before the success of his Formula 1 career, Hamilton was a young karting enthusiast showing off his skills at his local Rye House Kart Raceway. Corby, with its long roads and a history of steelworks, witnessed the early chapters of a racing prodigy's journey.

Corby isn't just a town with a racing legacy, it's also home to a football hero. West Ham United's captain, Mark Noble, spent his early years learning to play on the local pitches. The midfielder's journey from the heart of Corby to the football stadia reflects the town's passion for sports and the supportive environment that shapes athletic talent. Mark Noble, with his down-to-earth attitude, is a reminder that even in the world of sports royalty that he receives, the streets of Corby can feel like home.

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Ben Cohen and James Ashworth

Another sports legend who found his way to Corby is Ben Cohen, the former England rugby player. A World Cup champion and a philanthropist, Cohen has deep connections with the town. Beyond the rugby field, he has dedicated himself to many charitable causes, showing off the community spirit that was taught to him in Corby. His presence is an example of how celebrities can become members of a familiar community.

Corby isn't just home to sports and entertainment stars. It is a town that has produced heroes like Lance Corporal James Ashworth. Awarded the Victoria Cross for his exceptional bravery in Afghanistan, Ashworth's legacy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the Corby community. His story serves as a reminder that talent can be found not only on the big screen but also in a town like Corby.

The Chuckle Brothers and Al Murray

For fans of classic British comedy, the Chuckle Brothers are a duo who've who have entertained the nation for decades. While not residents, their performances in Corby and the surrounding areas left an important mark. Barry and Paul Elliott, with their incredible humour, added a touch of laughter to the town's cultural landscape, making Corby a place where even comedy legends felt right at home. “To me, to you….”

Known for his comedic alter ego, "The Pub Landlord," Al Murray has fond connections to Corby. Although born elsewhere, his performances and engagements in Corby have left an imprint on the local comedy scene. The hilarious humour of Murray align with the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that characterizes Corby.

John Newman and Sir Christopher Hatton

Corby has not just seen sports and comedy stars. It has also played host to musical talents like John Newman. The singer and songwriter spent part of his childhood in the town. His powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics have attracted not just with global audiences but also with the locals who appreciate the diverse artistic expressions that Corby creates.

Corby's fame isn't limited to contemporary figures it reaches back into history. Sir Christopher Hatton, a politician and a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I, had connections to Corby through Rockingham Castle (former royal castle and hunting lodge in Rockingham Forest). This historical figure adds to the town's legacy, reminding residents that they walk in the footsteps of those who have shaped not just Corby's future but also the nation's.

Dave Hodgson

In the world of film, special effects artist Dave Hodgson is a name that resonates. A Corby native, Hodgson has contributed his creative talents to blockbuster movies, including the Harry Potter series, Tales from the Territories and Gamebreaks. His journey from the quiet streets of Corby to the famous streets of Hollywood is proof to the town's ability to nurture diverse talents and ambitions.

In conclusion, Corby's claim to fame isn't about fancy red carpets or towering billboards. It is about the genuine connections that residents share with the stars who were once in the same place as them on its streets. From racing legends to comedy icons, from sporting heroes to philanthropic champions, Corby has been a making ground where fame blends with the warmth of community. As we walk through the charming neighbourhoods of Corby, we realise that the future celebrities and stars aren’t distant and that they are our neighbours and the people that we live around.

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